Right off the bat, let me be honest with you. Let me be completely honest. Feeling loved does not happen through anything to do with the act of loving. It may “at times” go through suffering, and the absence of that thing you think of as “love”. If you’ve loved yourself enough though, you may have had a chance at being loved; and that still, does not follow through being loved by oneself. You must love, and grow into the art of un-loving. The absence, once created by you, and experienced by you, is the love you can talk of as loving. It’s the residue. It’s what’s left of loving, and it’s more loveable, and experiential than love stated. All that has gone through all your senses, all six of them, that’s love. It’s the indescribable. It’s what can’t be found, what can’t be seen, but can be felt, yet not talked about. That’s love. Talking kills love.