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Serial Novels

I have recently had the opportunity to fine-tune a novel that I started about two and a half years ago. Since then, I have worked with three editors and two authors to get advice on how to refine my novel. Now the time came for me to publish the novels in the public sphere for a variety of reasons. This is the video promo of the novel:

I believe that the art of storytelling, in a sense, demands that we stay true to our readership and allow the free flow of ideas. This is just the beginning of my novel or as I named it, Episode I. You can download a free copy on iBookstore here:


The Psychopath empty
The Psychopath – Episode I


I would soon be uploading Episode II and will keep posting in the hopes that my readers read, react and interact with what they gain from my writing. Thanks to all of you for supporting this page. – Amin

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