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About me

About me

Now that you are here to learn about me, I will take the time to share with you much of what I know about myself. I am Amin Zargarian, an Iranian-Australian language teacher, linguist, amateur theatre actor and a philosophy enthusiast. I studied Translation Studies in my home country, Iran and simultaneously chose to work as a language teacher to adults. I came to Australia to complete my Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics while continuing teaching English to students of other languages from all around the world and all walks of life. I have also been involved with Australian Amateur Theatre acting stage since 2013 and have played roles in a variety of shows in Adelaide, Australia. In my free time, I love to read books, over-think and learn about the subjects that always intrigue me. I am currently teaching English at university in Australia and also free-studying on sociology, education, psychoanalysis and philosophy. I have set up this website to help my students and other language learners to find links for learning, and also for the like-minded people to share ideas and get involved with my works on literature, learning, philosophy, film, politics and much more to come in the future.


  • B.A in English Translation [English-Persian], Iran, 2003-2007
  • TESOL, Vancouver Lincoln College,
  • Advanced Grad. Dip. in Organisational Learning, Australia, 2014-2015
  • M.A in Applied Linguistics, Australia, 2013-2015
  • Cambridge CELTA, Australia, 2013


Professional Membership

2016 – To date    Member of the Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture & Society  – International Association

2014 – To date    Member of the North American Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (NASFLA) – International Association

2014 – To date    Member of the Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (ASFLA) – New South Wales, Australia

2013 – To date   Member of the Theatre Guild at Adelaide University – Adelaide, Australia

2003                    Former Member of the Scientific Society at the Language Department – Khayyam University of Mashhad, Iran

Professional Conferences and Contributions

2016                    UECA (University English Colleges Australia) and EA (English Australia) conference paper presentation – PDFest, October 2016, Adelaide University, Australia                                     Title: Implications of Montessori Method in text-based and enquiry-based language teaching to adults

2014                    Conference paper presentations in ASFLA (Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics) Conference 2014 approved/presented – University of New South Wales – Sydney

Titles: 1- A Discourse Analysis on the issue of Hejab (Veiling) in Iran                                                        (Researchers: Dr Peter Mickan-Amin Zargarian                                                                            2- Reading for Meaning in a text-based curriculum: Investigation                                                of text-based Teaching in an academic/ IELTS preparation class                                                  (Researchers: Dr Peter Mickan-Amin Zargarian)                                                                          3- Investigating Multilayered Discourses of Online Interactions                                                      among English  Language Learners: Voice, Agency and                                                                 Engagement (Researchers: Handoyo Puji Widodo – Amin                                                               Zargarian) 


2014                       Approval for poster presentation in LinC (Linguistics in Cardiff) and the                                 Summer School Workshop – September 8th-10th – Cardiff University,                                       Cardiff, Wales

Title: “Systemic Functional Linguistics: An analysis of the Interpersonal                                  Meaning in the English translation of a Persian Folk Rock Song”

2014                      UECA Conference research presentation and workshop in PDFest                                              October 2014,  (University English Colleges Australia) and English                                            Australia – Adelaide University, Adelaide, Australia

Title: Unpacking Internationalisation: A report on the implications of the                                 English Language an International Language in a Text-Based                                                       Classroom  

2015                       Research presentation approval in the First International Legitimation                                   Code Theory Colloquium, June 18-19, 2015 – Cape Peninsula University                                   of Technology, Rhodes University, University of Cape Town

Title: Semantic Waves in Text-Based English Language Teaching


2017                          Professional contributing actor in the theatre performance of Three Tall Women – Adelaide University Theatre Guild, Adelaide, Australia

2016 – 2017              Professional contributing actor in the theatre performance of The Jew of Malta – Adelaide University Theatre Guild, Adelaide, Australia

2014 – 2015              Contributor in OET (Occupational English Test) preparation curriculum design – Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology, Adelaide, Australia

2014                         Contributor in 1st Adelaide International Language Festival – Adelaide University, Adelaide, Australia

2014                         Contributing translator in Persian Mystic and Contemporary Music Concert – Elder Hall, Adelaide University, Adelaide, Australia

2014                         Volunteer MC in IndoFest (Indonesian Festival) – Adelaide, Australia

2013                         Contributing actor in the award-winning theatre performance Shakespeare’s Richard III  – Adelaide University Theatre Guild, Adelaide, Australia

2013                         Volunteer Communications Officer in Persian Cultural Association of South Australia – Adelaide, Australia

2012 – To Date       Contributing teacher at distance learning institute – EduLang

2011                         Contributing translator (English-Persian) in collaboration with the Institute for the integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit

Awards and Scholarships

2013                       Winner of merit-based single annual scholarship for completion of                                       Cambridge University CELTA – SACE (South Australian College of English)

2013                        DramatiCAL Award Theatre Guild for Richard III – Team Award

2013                       Adelaide Critics Circle Awards – Best Group Award for Amateur Theatre                                 Theatre Guild for Richard III

2014                        Certificate of Achievement for Research in English and Linguistics –                                       Kaplan International English

2015                        The Kaplan Way Leadership Awards, Winner for Kaplan Australia                                            Student Success – KIE Adelaide Team Award (2015)

Feel free to get in touch via the channels provided on my website.



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