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Illusions: what it is about love that you don’t love.

Right off the bat, let me be honest with you. Let me be completely honest. Feeling loved does not happen through anything to do with the act of loving. It may “at times” go through suffering, and the absence of that thing you think of as “love”. If you’ve loved yourself enough though, you may…

افشاگری و هویت سلبریتی ساز

همین ابتدا باید خدمتتان عرض کنم که بنده ی حقیر طرفدار جنبش هستم اصولا. به حقوق زنان هم احترام میگذارم به همان اندازه که به حقوق مردان. با افشاگری هم موافقم. اسمش را البته افشاگری نمیگذارم. شاید بشود گفت شجاعت باز گفتن. شجاعت اینکه بیرون بیایی و حرف بزنی. این را هم بگویم که نوشته…

Out of touch

The pandemic has so far made its way in on all fronts. The health systems, economies, the political front, education, the list goes on. A single aspect of it, however, is perhaps a silent killer in the long run; not in a literal sense though. The one aspect of it I am talking about is…


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