A short play by Amin Zargarian

Artwork by Shadkam Mokari Amiri


“Do you need help?”, said the man crossing the road to the man waiting.

“No thank you”, said the blind man waiting to cross the road.

“Are you sure you don’t need help crossing the road?”, said the man who could see the man, who couldn’t see the man who could see him.

“Yes I am sure that I can’t see you”, said the same blind man.

“but..”, said the man who could see but didn’t talk anymore.

“Are you still there?”, said the blind man.

“yes, I am. What makes you so afraid?”, said the man offering help to the blind man.

“the light is green. I am crossing”, said the blind man as he crosses. “no more fear…no more fear”, he shouts from the other side.

“No more fear. I see. No more fear.”, said the man who wasn’t blind.