The day had just begun and yesterday was surely gone

I was in my office

“just another day”

but was feeling left alone,

in another way;


A man came in

Shorty, shaved with long soft hair

And a soft voice and as he breathed

He said to us in Japanese

We had to leave.


It had been all sunny and clean

The sky and the air, I mean.

We knew the rain was soon to come,

In torrents not just some.

So here we go again, out out, it was supposed to rain.


I hate the rain. I love the rain

When I’m out and I’m about

I’ll get wet without a doubt

But will walk free

Without the fear of walking under a tree.


Today as though it was different

And we knew the typhoon was serious

Not like its victims

Not like us, sitting there indifferent

So, without a pause and without a question, soon we had left.


Walked home in the sun and thought about the day fully

And how it started beautifully

And that it was soon becoming shady, rainy, cloudy, dark and gloomy

And was forcing us to stay inside

Stay in our homes, stay in our rooms.


Spent the whole day watching the typhoon

Like people spend the time watching the sun eclipsing the moon

Looked out of the windows wondering how

I felt I was trapped inside

Although I must say this, all the hours felt like “now”


And now that the winner, the powerful typhoon is gone

I’m sitting at my desk surfing and my coffee in the plunger perking

I come up with the word Chrisalysm very randomly

Although I think to me it has a meaning

I look it up to see it means “an amniotic feeling of being trapped”, and it was then my consciousness was tapped.


It was that feeling I had the whole day

That did not give way to my courage, my freedom

To walk outside without submitting to typhoon’s kingdom,

But now I know I was too little just like a Chrysalis

And must await tomorrow’s freedom as it’s ever in life amiss.



September 4, 2018












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