A walk along the beach — on the sand that in stories you read you can count the grains each by each;

and the horizon at dusk — that you always wished to see, which is – well – beyond what you every day reach,

is a nearing fear;

it is fear for the things you taught and you teach, to avoid that famous thing we know — that you must practice more than you preach;

and that they are watching you, and that there is a start and a finish.

Tell me — now — will you give up? Will you let go? Or will you continue with the flow and let it all come as you go?

Will you sit and watch  – or – just cry, or scream and wish there were things you could at least touch?

We know, we know.

And I know – that as you go, as you get there, which I hope you are not asking where – you will unpack your bag and you cease the drag;

that as soon as you became one mind – which is – of course, one of a kind, you begin sorting your thoughts and you stop all the complaints – which I hope never remains,

you glow, you glow and you glow just as you go.

and I know how and I know where to,

one does flow.



what you saw in words was written by Amin Zargarian

what you saw in colours was drawn and coloured by Shadkam Mokari Amiri