The shopper and the shopped (or Mr Sameman’s dilemma)


Mr Sameman, who’s coincidentally the same man he has ever been, is shopping for groceries at his local shop. This time, despite acting differently, he’s still the same man; imagine a forty-five-year-old, tall, and balding man who doesn’t like fancy coats but every time he goes shopping, he wears an expensive woollen one, which he calls his favourite. No one knows why he does that, but neighbours think he either keeps it as a family treasure or he has strange strong beliefs. He also had a bizarre habit; every morning, he’d go shopping and he’d spend time talking to the cashier only to hear her saying what she was always saying, the dialogue you’ll read in here: 

MS: You’ve changed today. Is it your hair? 

C: Yeah I changed the colour; how’s that? 

MS: You don’t look unusual as usual – he he- but it looks good on you.

C: How’s your cat, Rob? Was it Rob? 

MS: Yes, it’s Rob, the ever hungry cat. I think if it were a dinosaur he’d eat me alive.

C: Why so? 

MS: No not that he’s aggressive or anything. It’s a Demanding cat, like no other. 

C: Like no other cat? (C winks at MS) 

MS (not understanding the sarcasm in C): Yeah like no other cat. I don’t have any other pet; it’s only Rob. 

C (tries again): Does Rob rob food? — (C adds, worrying if MS misunderstands again): I mean, can Rob rob? Of course, I’m just playing, I hope you don’t mind, Mr Salesman. 

MS: Sameman. 

C: sorry, Mr Sameman. 

C (after putting the groceries in the shopping bag): Is it time? 

MS: I think it is. But let me pay first. You know I can’t hear it before I pay.

C: Yes I know. It’s thirty-seven dollars and seventy cents. 

MS: Here you are, eighty. Keep the change. 

C: Oh, thank you. 

MS: You’re welcome. You’re always a great help. 

C: It’s all I can do best. 

MS: Of course not. You’re a greater help for me than all this. (Picks up the bag and looks into her eyes and listens carefully) 

C (without continuing the conversation): wow! He’s opened his eyes to the world. 

(MS smiles in satisfaction and leaves…)



As per the very usual, words are written by Amin Zargarian and the picture drawn by my artist and my biological friend, Shadkam Mokari.