A and B are in the kitchen again; they love each other as much as there is hate between them; and hate always wins, but not between them rather for what does not exist between them:

A: What is that smell? Are you drinking again?

B: Yeah, I was thirsty. You’re too smart, like always.

A: But you drank last night too, exactly because you were “thirsty”.

B: I was thirsty for something else.

A: For what?

B: For you…

A: I know that, for what else?

B: For many other things, but not at the same time. Is that a problem?

A: Which is a problem? At the same time? Drinking? Other things?

B: No, I mean, is that a problem that I was thirsty for you, and that at the same time I was thirsty for many other things including my regular sip?

A: No, it’s ok. But tell me, who do you love more, me or your problems?

B: Do you mind if I say my problems?

A: No, I don’t mind as long as I am the first.

B: Unfortunately you are.

A: What?

B: Never mind.

A: I did mind. Tell me more.

B: I can tell you less now, but later, maybe, I don’t know; I’m not sure; I mean I may not know what I exactly know.

A: What is wrong with me? Do you mind me asking?

B: Yes I do, but go on.

A: Come here.